Face - Breast - Body Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery by Dr.Chettawut, Bangkok Thailand


Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is no longer considered a luxury but a “need” because not only that it transforms or changes you to look better but it also boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel comfortable in your own body.

You find yourself participating in activities and more socially active due to your renewed confidence.

Our mission is to help achieve “change” based on realistic goals and provide a healthy and friendly medical facility for both local and international clients.

We will work with you hand in hand during the entire process commencing from the decision making phase until recuperation.

Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich specializes in maxillofacial and facial cosmetic surgery and strives to maintain a professional practice that is at the forefront of surgical modern technology.

He has advanced knowledge and skills to address each patient needs in order to highly select the most appropriate and effective surgical procedure for the best possible outcome. He utilizes the safest surgical techniques in providing highly standardized surgical services.

A systematic, patient centered, case specific nursing care approach is used to guarantee that all aspects of patient recovery are safeguarded. These are the essential components of patient care that makes one’s surgery a success.

Our informative and comprehensive website and the positive feedbacks or testimonials from our former clients (word-of-mouth communication) are vital tools responsible for the influx of clients from the different regions of the world.

The shared information that has been passed from one person to another (to friends, family members as well as in social media) made Dr. Chettawut a globally renowned cosmetic & plastic surgeon.

The confidence and trust of our clients to Dr. Chettawut’s experience, expertise and artistry in dealing with and remodeling the particular body areas to make it look natural and visually appealing is indeed unquestionable.

Here’s an overview of the most common surgical procedures performed at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center with a brief description on each item.

You can click the name of the surgical procedure which will lead you to a new page with more detailed information of the procedure that you have selected.

Facial cosmetic & rejuvenation surgery

Face & Neck Lift Surgery:

Dr. Chettawut utilizes the 2 layer rhytidectomy which includes the combination of skin rejuvenation and also facial fascia lifting (SMAS lift and/or MACS lift techniques). This is a more reliable method of skin rejuvenation that mainly works by eliminating the saggy skin and creases and tightens the muscles and tissues underneath it to achieve a more youthful look and longer result compared with only traditional skin lifting procedure.

Upper and lower Blepharoplasty & Double eyelid surgery:

The upper blepharoplasty is a simple surgical removal of fats and excess skin on the upper and lower eyelid. Apart from its aesthetic effect, the upper eyelid surgery is beneficial for older people who have droopy skin that interferes or blocks their vision. An attractive & natural fold with long lasting result will be achieved.

The lower blepharoplasty aims to remove eye bags and tighten the skin. It provides a youthful look with no visible scar.

Double eyelid is beneficial for those who have single or very small eyelid fold, the style of the newly created fold can be either Western or Asian look to serve individually patients' need.

Dimple Creation:

Dimple creation surgery or Dimpleplasty is a short procedure that can be done under local anesthesia and without any external cuts or scars. The depth and the location of the dimples will be thoroughly discussed between patient and surgeon.


Also known as “Ear pin-back surgery” is a minor operation to correct the protruding ear by skin and/or cartilage reshaping. A linear incision made during the surgery will be well hidden and unnoticeable when viewed from the back.

Facial bone reshaping surgery


Dr. Chettawut offers various nose surgeries which includes feminizing, reshaping and reduction rhinoplasty depending on the individual’s need or preference. The procedure is done through open technique which provides easy access and visualization for both bone and cartilage reshaping. In addition to the procedures above, Dr. Chettawut also performs septoplasty to correct deviated nasal septum.

For nose tip refinement or bulbous nose correction without bone reshaping, the close technique rhinoplasty can be a better option.

Forehead/brow bone contouring:

This bone reshaping method is not only recommended for feminization but it is also suitable for those men and women who are born with largely protruding brow bone structure. The degree of reduction will depend on the patient’s anticipated end-result.

Cheekbone contouring:

With this procedure the zygomatic bones are being manipulated to restructure and reposition the protruding parts to narrow the middle part of the face to achieve a soft and feminine face profile that is appropriately proportional with the other parts of the face.

Jaw and chin contouring:

This procedure is suitable for both men and women who wish to achieve a narrower and a “V” shape face. Dr. Chettawut’s technique is a one line reduction carried out through intra-oral approach so it does not create any incision or scar on the face.

Trachea Shave:

This is also called as “Adam’s apple reduction” and ‘Chondrolaryngoplasty” and it aims to reduce the size of the thyroid cartilage to achieve a feminine neck area. This is also beneficial for women who are uncomfortable with the size of their thyroid cartilage.

Facial implant surgery

Nose Implant (Augmentation rhinoplasty):

This cosmetic surgery is most common to Asians who typically have flatter noses. Dr. Chettawut uses a silicone implant to increase the height of the nose as well as modify the outline or shape of the nasal tip to increase the projection. This provides the nose a pleasing look in connection to the other parts of the face. This provides the nose a pleasing look in connection to the other parts of the face as well as natural feeling while touching.

Cheek implant:

This procedure is intended to provide more volume and projection to the cheekbone and/or the area underneath the cheek bone to provide elegance to the mid-face area (add volume to the cheeks). A medical grade soft silicone implants are used that are proven safe and lasts throughout a person’s lifetime.

Chin implant:

Dr. Chettawut performs chin implant surgery to enhance the projection of chin in order to attain a more proportionate upper and lower facial structure. This procedure can be done intra-orally either under local anesthesia for standalone procedure or general anesthesia if done together with jaw / chin contouring surgery.

Breast & Buttock implant surgery

Breast Implant (Breast Augmentation):

Dr. Chettawut performs breast enlargement by using cohesive memory gel implants by Allergan and Mentor cooperation that are proven safe and lasts for a lifetime.

The implants comes in different shapes (round and tear drop) to match the patient’s breast tissue and expected outcome. The size selection can be thoroughly discussed during consultation which is available from 200-800cc.

Buttock Implant (Buttock augmentation):

Buttock Augmentation is a delicate process that intends to enhance the shape and fullness of the buttocks (gluteal area) resulting to a more curvaceous or well-formed rear-ends.

The highly cohesive gel buttock implant (gluteal implant) designed specifically for intramuscular butt augmentation is surely strong enough to hold the pressure without problem and last for a lifetime.

Breast contouring surgery for male and female

Breast lift/ breast reduction:

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

Breast reduction is a procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. Both breast lift and breast reduction can restore the nipple to the correct position.

Female to male Mastectomy:

This procedures aims to remove the breast tissue, excess skin and inframammary fold to attain a flat chest contour same as that in biological males. This is an essential primary step for transmen to achieve congruency between their bodies and gender identity.

Dr. Chettawut uses various techniques like subcutaneous mastectomy and double incision mastectomy that are proven effective in delivering the desired results.

Gynecomastia correction:

Some men have persistent enlargement of the breast tissue which is often associated with hormonal imbalance. This can be corrected surgically through the use of the appropriate breast tissue removal technique.

Body contouring surgery


This type of cosmetic surgery utilizes a fine cannula attached to a low pressure vacuum system in removing unwanted fats from the different areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms, love handles, thighs and more that are resilient to diet and exercise. Liposuction is often done in combination with skin tightening procedures (for example face lift & neck lift or tummy tuck) to achieve the desired contour.

Tummy tuck

This procedure aims to eliminate the excessive skin and fats on the abdominal area that do not respond to natural methods like diet and exercise. Tummy tuck also tightens the abdominal muscles to achieve a flatter and more defined abdomen. The common recipients of tummy tuck are men and women who were once obese and /or had multiple pregnancies.