Face – Breast – Body Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Chettawut, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Chettawut, Bangkok, Thailand

Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. It transforms your appearance, boosts self-esteem, and makes you feel comfortable in your own body. This newfound confidence encourages participation in activities and increased social engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve realistic goals and provide a healthy, friendly medical facility for both local and international clients. We work with you throughout the entire process, from decision-making to recuperation.

About Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich

Dr. Chettawut specializes in maxillofacial and facial cosmetic surgery, striving to maintain a professional practice at the forefront of surgical modern technology. He uses advanced knowledge and skills to address each patient’s needs, selecting the most appropriate and effective surgical procedures for the best possible outcome. His techniques ensure safety and high standards in surgical services.

Patient Care Approach

We use a systematic, patient-centered, case-specific nursing care approach to guarantee all aspects of patient recovery are safeguarded. This comprehensive care is essential for successful surgery outcomes.

Global Reputation

Our comprehensive website and positive feedback from former clients have made Dr. Chettawut a globally renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Word-of-mouth communication and social media recommendations have played a significant role in attracting clients worldwide.

Surgical Procedures at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center

Here’s an overview of the most common surgical procedures performed at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center:

Facial Cosmetic & Rejuvenation Surgery

Face & Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Chettawut utilizes a 2-layer rhytidectomy combining skin rejuvenation and facial fascia lifting (SMAS lift and/or MACS lift techniques). This method eliminates saggy skin and creases, tightens muscles and tissues underneath, and achieves a youthful look with long-lasting results.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty & Double Eyelid Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the upper eyelid, improving vision for older people with droopy skin. Lower blepharoplasty removes eye bags and tightens the skin, providing a youthful look without visible scars. Double eyelid surgery creates a natural fold for those with single or very small eyelid folds, offering either a Western or Asian look.

Dimple Creation (Dimpleplasty)

Dimple creation surgery is a short procedure done under local anesthesia without external cuts or scars. The depth and location of the dimples are discussed between the patient and surgeon.

Otoplasty (Ear Pin-Back Surgery)

Otoplasty corrects protruding ears by reshaping the skin and/or cartilage. The linear incision is hidden and unnoticeable when viewed from the back.

Facial Bone Reshaping Surgery


Dr. Chettawut offers various nose surgeries, including feminizing, reshaping, and reduction rhinoplasty. The open technique provides easy access and visualization for bone and cartilage reshaping. Septoplasty corrects deviated nasal septum. For nose tip refinement without bone reshaping, the closed technique rhinoplasty is an option.

Forehead/Brow Bone Contouring

This procedure is suitable for feminization and individuals with a prominent brow bone structure. The degree of reduction depends on the patient’s desired outcome.

Cheekbone Contouring

Cheekbone contouring manipulates the zygomatic bones to restructure and reposition the protruding parts, narrowing the middle face for a soft, feminine profile.

Jaw and Chin Contouring

Jaw and chin contouring achieves a narrower, “V” shape face. Dr. Chettawut’s technique involves one line reduction through an intra-oral approach, avoiding any facial scars.

Trachea Shave (Adam’s Apple Reduction)

This procedure reduces the size of the thyroid cartilage, achieving a feminine neck area. It benefits both women and male-to-female transgender individuals.

Facial Implant Surgery

Nose Implant (Augmentation Rhinoplasty)

Common among Asians, nose implants increase the nose’s height and modify the nasal tip’s shape using a silicone implant for a natural look and feel.

Cheek Implant

Cheek implants add volume and projection to the cheekbone, enhancing mid-face elegance. Medical-grade soft silicone implants are used, ensuring safety and longevity.

Chin Implant

Chin implants enhance chin projection, achieving a proportionate facial structure. This procedure can be done intra-orally under local anesthesia or general anesthesia if combined with jaw/chin contouring surgery.

Breast & Buttock Implant Surgery

Breast Implant (Breast Augmentation)

Dr. Chettawut uses cohesive memory gel implants by Allergan and Mentor for breast enlargement. The implants come in round and tear-drop shapes, with sizes ranging from 200-800cc.

Buttock Implant (Buttock Augmentation)

Buttock augmentation enhances the shape and fullness of the gluteal area using highly cohesive gel implants designed for intramuscular augmentation.

Breast Contouring Surgery for Male and Female

Breast Lift/Breast Reduction

Mastopexy (breast lift) raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. Breast reduction removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin, alleviating discomfort from overly large breasts. Both procedures can restore the nipple to the correct position.

Female to Male Mastectomy

This procedure removes breast tissue, excess skin, and inframammary fold, achieving a flat chest contour for transmen. Techniques include subcutaneous mastectomy and double incision mastectomy.

Gynecomastia Correction

Gynecomastia correction addresses persistent breast tissue enlargement in men, often associated with hormonal imbalance, using appropriate breast tissue removal techniques.

Body Contouring Surgery


Liposuction removes unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen, arms, love handles, and thighs using a fine cannula and low-pressure vacuum system. It is often combined with skin tightening procedures for optimal contouring.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck eliminates excess skin and fat from the abdominal area, tightening abdominal muscles for a flatter, more defined abdomen. Common recipients include individuals who were once obese or had multiple pregnancies.

Body Contouring Surgery Information

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