Concept of Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Natural-Looking Results from Dr. Chettawut’s Unique SRS Technique

Dr. Chettawut performs sex reassignment surgery (SRS) using a unique non-penile inversion technique, which ensures the most anatomically correct and functionally effective results.

Non-Penile Inversion Technique

Dr. Chettawut’s method utilizes both penile and prepuce skin to form well-defined inner labia (labia minora). The resulting inner labia are typically pink and extend to the vulva vestibule, creating a natural appearance similar to that of biological women.

  • Labia Construction: Using penile and prepuce skin to create natural inner labia.
  • Realistic Appearance: Inner labia extend to the posterior fourchette for a natural look.
  • Vaginal Opening: Vertically oriented to ensure realistic appearance and functionality.
  • Functionality: Accommodates sexual intercourse and varied sizes of vaginal dilators.
Results of gender affirmative surgery performed by Dr. Chettawut at WIH Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Title:
Order Bump Form with Fluent Forms (#4)

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Excellent Depth and Function of Neo-Vagina

Dr. Chettawut meticulously dissects the vaginal canal to achieve maximum depth, typically 6.5-7 inches, even in patients with smaller penises.

  • Hairless Vaginal Lining: Made from scrotal and/or groin skin grafts, meticulously prepared to be hairless.
  • Self-Lubrication: Preservation of specific secretory glands for individualized lubrication.
  • Correct Anatomical Position: Urethral orifice positioned above the vaginal opening for natural urine flow.
  • No Tissue Engorgement: Complete removal of spongy muscles around the urethra prevents narrowing of the vaginal opening during arousal.

Achieving Special Sensation

Dr. Chettawut is renowned for preserving sensory nerves, ensuring excellent sensation and the potential for orgasm shortly after SRS.

  • Primary Sensate Organ: Neo-clitoris, made from the dorsal part of the glans penis, innervated by pudendal nerve branches.
  • Secondary Sensate Organ: Vulva vestibule, made from the ventral part of the glans penis, also innervated by pudendal nerve branches.
  • Additional Nerve Preservation:
    • Clitoral hood and frenulum
    • Inner labia and its frenulum (posterior fourchette)
    • Vaginal wall adjacent to the intact prostate (G-spot area)

Understanding the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms highlights the importance of preserving various nerve sets involved in the sexual response.

Dr. Chettawut’s expertise in SRS not only focuses on creating anatomically correct genitalia but also ensures functionality and sensation, providing patients with a natural and fulfilling outcome.

The sex reassignment surgery lasts around 6 hours to complete all delicate processes and Dr. Chettawut is the only surgeon who performs the surgery from the start to the end.

All stitches are made meticulously to attain the best possible new genital structure with minimal scarring.

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