Face and Neck Lift by Dr.Chettawut's SMAS and MACS Lift technique

Face/ neck lift surgery (Rhytidectomy)

The goals of the face lift and neck lift procedure are to lift the sagging skin of the cheek and neck, to decrease the wrinkle lines and creases, and to makes an individual appear youthful and naturally beautiful.

While a face lift will create smoother and more pleasing contours to your face and neck, it cannot correct conditions such as excess skin and fatty deposits in the upper and lower eyelids, or fine wrinkles around the eyelid and the mouth.

A facelift can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift, an eyelid surgery, or a nose reshaping.

Preoperative assessment

I will assess the elasticity of your skin (wrinkles and folds) and the underlying soft tissue (fat and muscle). The bone structure of your face will also be considered so that the surgery can be tailored to harmonize with your facial features.

Your hairline will be examined to determine where incisions can be placed.

Surgical procedure


Dr.Chettawut's technique of face and neck lift is 2 layer rhytidectomy which is included the combination of skin rejuvenation (removal of excess skin and then tightening) and also facial fascia lifting (MACS lift and SMAS lift) for the long lasting result.

The effect of MACS lift will focus on the lower cheek and naso-labial folds while SMAS lift will help enhance the definition of your jaw-line and under chin area.

The treated areas for this rejuvenate procedure including the temple, upper and lower cheek, naso-labial fold, jowl, under chin & neck areas.

For tightening and reposition of sagging naso-labial fold and the skin around the corner of mouth, Dr.Chettawut use additional suture thread lift by soluble PDO (polydioxanone) in order to get long lasting result with a natural youthful look.

Incisions usually begin above the hairline at the temples, extending in a natural line in front of the ear and continuing behind the earlobe to the lower scalp.

The excess skin will be removed as much as possible.

All stitches will be joined meticulously.

The facial bandage and garment will be applied right after surgery.