What is facial feminization?

Facial Feminization with Dr. Chettawut

Facial-feminization-surgery-Chettawut-MDFacial Feminization is a collection of different procedures that primarily aims to eliminate a person’s masculine facial features to become that of a woman’s visage.

Although biological women may opt to have these kind of procedures, it is undeniably widely known and beneficial to the transgendered community.

The most common mark of male gender are the brow bone bossing, straight, large convex nose profile with overly projected nasal tips, visible Adam’s apple, prominent mandibles- a very chiseled face.

Men have longer faces than women.

Male foreheads tend to have a prominent ridge running across the forehead above the eyes (brow bone bossing) while female foreheads tend to be smoother and flatter and have little or no bossing.

Male chins are usually square while the female one are round and pointy.

In general, facial feminization works by bone reduction and manipulation of the skeletal framework.

As the face is always noticed first, it is a great deal for someone to be known and perceived by others as the same and one person from inside and out.

The facial feminization is a reliable solution that works like a special potion in significantly changing one’s facial features from very manly transformed to its womanly counterpart.

It’s not about creating a whole new different person but helping someone in becoming her own true self- which is a “woman”.

Facial feminization is neither a whim nor an expensive lavishness. It is indeed vital and a needed medical intervention for a person transitioning from male to female in order to create harmony and comfort between her outer and inner self.

The success of a facial feminization surgery can be gauged when a transgendered person will be identified and treated as a woman by the people around her.

It’s about exposing herself to the public with no apparent traces of her original birth traits that will drive people to the world of doubts.

It is also about being able to fully function and live as a woman with total acceptance from the society thus allowing her to achieve quality of life. This is called passing the real life experience.

The process of selecting the most suitable facial feminizing procedures is very crucial and highly individualized which means a set of feminizing procedures is not suitable for all.

This delicate process of evaluation and selection of the right procedures is only carried out by certified craniofacial surgeon like Dr. Chettawut.

Dr. Chettawut holds a wide array of knowledge on facial feminization and with his expertise that has been molded through the years; he will be able to work with one’s existing facial features and redesign it to achieve the best feminine version.