Forehead and Brow Lift Surgery

Information on forehead & brow lift surgery


The forehead & brow lift is a common surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation and feminization.

The eyebrow’s shape and position in relation to the upper eyelid fold are prominent indicators of a person’s gender and age.

The forehead & brow lift is a simple cosmetic surgical procedure carried out to lift the area directly above the eye, opening up the eye area and making the face look younger. This procedure corrects the sagging skin in the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids.

The indications for forehead & brow lift can be summarized as follows:

- For the purpose of facial feminization.

A male brow tends to be low and sit just above the brow ridge bone while the female one tends to be higher more arched than that of the male; the highest point is normally between the lateral limbus and the lateral canthus.

The artistic shape and position of the brows is very important for the best possible facial feminization outcome.

The forehead & brow lift and forehead & brow ridge bone contouring are commonly combined in facial feminization as they are so powerful in drastically changing a masculine face to become feminine without doubt.

- For facial rejuvenation.

Sometimes, the sagging skin and heavy brows gives you a tired or unhappy look. The forehead & brow lift can rejuvenate the area above your eyes to restore your youthful appearance.

This procedure can also get rid of static wrinkles on the forehead skin (multiple transverse lines on the forehead which always exist even without facial expression)

-Correction of an asymmetric eyebrow or unilateral brow ptosis.

Eyebrow asymmetry is common in the general population. The minimal asymmetry noticeable is 2 mm and the forehead & brow lift can help adjust the lifting tension on each side of brow in order to achieve a better symmetry.

There are 2 common techniques namely the open forehead / brow lift and the endoscopic brow lift surgery which Dr. Chettawut has expertise on both procedures.

The selection of the appropriate technique is based on the patient’s desire as well as the level of existing hairline.

Dr. Chettawut prefers to use the open technique forehead / brow lift surgery via coronal incision for those who have normal hairline or high hairline because this technique does not affect the patient’s hairline to become higher after lifting the forehead skin.

The endoscopic brow lift should only be considered by those whose hairline is low as the procedure will pull the forehead skin up including the anterior hairline through 3 small incisions inside the scalp (above the hairline).

Comparison of open technique and endoscopic technique in brow lift surgery:

1. Hairline level effect

The open technique brow lift can lift the brow without altering the height of the front hairline

2. Effectiveness of brow lifting

The open technique brow lift is more powerful as the procedure can completely release the forehead skin and muscle from the underlying bone especially the lowermost site at superior and lateral orbital rim.

3. Adjustment of brow shape

The open technique brow lift allow lifting in lateral oblique direction as a youthful brow tends to have more lateral brow elevation. A lateral slant makes the apex of the brow to be more lateral than the lateral limbus of eyes. If the apex is too medial and over-elevated, it creates a surprised appearance.

4. Incision

The endoscopic brow lift has its advantage to hide the incisions made within the hairline while the open technique brow lift utilizes a coronal incision placed along the anterior hairline.

5. . Frown line correction

The open technique brow lift can directly address the corrugator and procerus muscle by meticulously modifying these muscles (removing some portion of the muscles) without impairing the normal muscle function and still maintaining the muscle activity. The results will be a smooth forehead with diminished lines and wrinkles.