Feminizing Jaw and Chin Contouring Surgery

Feminizing Jaw and Chin bone contouring surgery

The musculine lower face commonly come from prominent jaw bone especially at the mandibular angle as well as the board or square shape of chin bone.

The shape of lower jaw in female tends to have a more gradual curve or as a "V" line.

The concept of surgery is to contour the jaw line to be femininely small, smooth and sloping.

The cause of prominence of the mandibular angle comes mainly from the bony part rather than from the cheek muscle.

Dr.Chettawut normally do not reduce the amount of cheek muscle as this will have an effect on your chewing ability and prolonged swelling.

Preoperative assessment:


The exact amount and line of bone resection is determined through clinical examination and specific X-ray views.

Surgical technique by intra-oral approach

The procedure is done under general anesthesia.

The incisions are made along the sulcus between gum and cheek mucosa to access the prominent areas of jaw bone.

A template model from X-ray film is used to determine the line of bone resection, started from the most back area of the angle, down to the angle with a smooth natural curve, and forward to join with the chin area.

The marked area of prominent bone is cut with surgical drill and micro-saw, curving down from back to front, to achieve the best rounded contour without stepping.

All stitches are self-dissolving.