Trachea Shave Surgery (Feminizing adam's apple reduction)

Trachea shave surgery (Adam's apple or thyroid cartilage shaving)

Prominent thyroid cartilage is frequently a constant embarrassment to a male transsexual.

The demand for reducing and contouring the prominent Adam's apple continues to increase in our series.

The results of this operation are effective, satisfying and long-lasting.


Surgical technique

The precedure can be done as outpatinet surgery.

Sedation may also be given so you will be comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

The mini-incision (2-2.5 cm ) is normally placed on upper crease of neck skin below sub-mental (chin) area, since in most cases the scar is almost imperceptible.

The thyroid cartilage is exposed and marked with cauterization.

The thyroid cartilage is reduced, usually by shaving at the most prominent area and the rim of its upper border.

The thyroid cartilage contouring is a delicate process and need to be done meticulously especially for those who have calcified (hard) cartilage due to the aging process.

All bleeding points are carefully checked and stopped.

It takes about 3/4 hour to complete the surgery. Postoperative recovery.

During the first 24-48 hours, you may experience some swelling.

Few patients may have mild voice weakness in the first few days following surgery, but this is not a significant long-term problem.

Possible complication

Your voice may change in case of over-dissection. It is important to reduce the cartilage only enough to reduce the prominence and not over-resection.

Taking it too deep may injure the vocal cord and it is likely that your voice will permanently change.