Asian Nose Augmentation Surgery

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with soft silicone implant

Augmentation rhinoplasty with silicone implant Nose augmentation (technically called rhinoplasty) by carving the silicone implant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for Asian people.

The goal is to improve the nose aesthetically, by harmonizing it with other facial features.

Preoperative assessment

Your bone structure and soft tissue of the nose are carefully evaluated.

Skin type, ethnic background, and age are important factors to be considered prior to surgery.


Surgical technique

The surgery is done by local anesthesia plus sedation (twilight sedation)

The incision is inside the nose and could not be seen from outside.

Dissection along the nose is done to create the appropriate space for silicone implant.

Soft medical-grade silicone implant is carved and inserted through an incision inside the nose.

The increment of nasal bridge will be measured and evaluated for achieving the aesthetic beautiful nose.

The nasal tip projection can be improve with the position and shape of the head of silicon strut.

All stitches are self-dissolving.

A small external cast (splint) is routinely used as a protection of keeping the implant stable for 3-5 days.

The surgery is normally completed within an hour.

After your surgery

You can wash your face and make up after cast is removed.

The implant will be stably joined with your nasal bone within one week.

The medical grade silicone implant used for augmentation rhinoplasty is bio-compatibly.

If the shape and size are designed properly, it would stay with you throughout your life without any side effect.