Asian Nose Augmentation Surgery

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Soft Silicone Implant

What is Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

Augmentation rhinoplasty, also known as nose augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure involving the carving and insertion of a silicone implant to improve the nose aesthetically and harmonize it with other facial features. This procedure is particularly popular among Asian people.

Preoperative Assessment

Before surgery, your bone structure and soft tissue of the nose are carefully evaluated. Factors such as skin type, ethnic background, and age are also considered to ensure the best possible outcome.

Asian Nose Augmentation Surgery

Surgical Technique

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation (twilight sedation). An incision is made inside the nose, making it invisible from the outside. The surgeon dissects along the nose to create the appropriate space for the silicone implant.

The soft medical-grade silicone implant is carved and inserted through the incision. The nasal bridge increment is measured and evaluated to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. The nasal tip projection can be improved with the position and shape of the head of the silicone strut. All stitches are self-dissolving.

A small external cast (splint) is routinely used to protect and stabilize the implant for 3-5 days. The surgery typically takes about an hour to complete.

After Your Surgery

Once the cast is removed, you can wash your face and apply makeup. The implant will stably join with your nasal bone within one week. The medical-grade silicone implant used for augmentation rhinoplasty is biocompatible, and if the shape and size are designed properly, it will stay with you throughout your life without any side effects.

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