How to select the most appropriate type and size of breast implant

Sizing of breast implants

The implant should not be too small or too large in comparison to the patient's chest wall dimensions. Our goal is to augment your breasts to a size that is in better proportion to your physique and to maintain a very natural look.

There are many factors effect the such as your original cup, your expected cup and your physique including the chest muscle.

If you have board chest, especially the position of your nipple is far apart, the selected size of implants should be rather big with low to moderate profile (wide base dimension) to get a closer nice cleavage.

If you have some degree of breast sagging, the selected size should be quite big with moderate to high profile, providing upper breast fullness and also improving the nipple position.

Too big implant may cause abnormal thinness of skin (translucency) or visible and/or palpable wrinkling (rippling) in an implant.

Placement of the implants

There are 2 surgical techniques of placing the implants, which should be thoroughly discussed between the patient and the surgeon.

1. The implant is placed under the breast tissue and over the chest muscle (subglandular placement).

2. The implant is placed under the chest muscle and breast tissue. (submuscular or subpectoral placement)

Dr.Chettawut normally places the implants submuscularly as it can help reduce the chance to get capsular contracture and also visible/palpable wrinkles in an implant, which are related to the thinness of the overlying tissue cover (skin and breast tissue).