How to do the correct breast massage to prevent hard breast after breast augmentation surgery

The purpose of breast massage after breast augmentation surgery with implants is to prevent irregular thick tissue formation or capsular contracture characterized by a hard breast or abnormal breast shape.

Dr.-Chettawut's-Breast-massage-technique-after-breast-implant-surgery Dr. Chettawut’s technique of preventing capsular contracture is the application of continuous pressure by mainly pressing the implant at the center for 5-10 minutes (NOT by doing on and off pressing or squeezing massage).

With efficient pressure, the breast implant will expand in all direction to stretch and push the surrounding tissue away resulting to proper healing without abnormal scar formation or contraction.

The breasts receiving regular massage with correct method as described below will be beautiful with natural shape and it will feel soft like normal breasts when touched or pressed.

Correct Breast Massage Technique

1. Place yourself in a sitting or standing position. Doing it while lying down is not recommended because this position cannot provide efficient pressure to the breast.

2. To begin the routine, put the dominant hand over the nipple (the lower palm must be positioned in contact with the nipple as this is where the central part of the breast implant is located).

Using the upper side of palm or fingers is not recommended because it cannot fully put pressure onto the breasts. Then, place the non-dominant hand over the dominant one and start pressing with two hands to apply maximum force directed to the breast.

3. Apply a firm and constant pressure for 5 minutes to one breast and then do the same maneuver to the other breast. It is very important to keep a stable force for the whole period of 5 minutes and the trick to do so is to use your body weight to strengthen the pressing force by following the positions illustrated below:


Method 1 - Sitting Position with Knee touching the back of the hand


Method 2 - Leaning against the wall while in standing position

You need to determine the position that allows you to continuously apply the maximum amount of pressure against the implant.

4. Massage each breast alternately. Switch from left to right breast for a minimum of 3 rounds per session to complete 30 minutes per session. It is recommended to do at least 3 sessions per day so that the total time per day will be around 90 minutes. If the breast (s) feels tight, it is helpful to do more than 3 sessions or longer than the recommended time.

5. Doing the breast massage EVERYDAY is the key to prevent the occurrence of capsular contracture and Dr. Chettawut highly recommend you to continue the massage every day for 1 year after surgery to ensure the best outcome. You can gradually decrease this routine work after 1 year.

6. It is also advisable that you do the breast massage by yourself as asking another person to do this routine work for you might make the breast massage ineffective thereby increasing your chance of developing capsular contracture.