Chettawut Plastic Surgery Service of Excellence

We acknowledge that every case and every person brings their own medical challenges and uniqueness.

Dr. Chettawut’s ultimate goal is to achieve full patient satisfaction with the best possible surgical results.

Every step of your treatment will be precisely planned and managed by Dr.Chettawut and his medical team.

Dr. Chettawut's service of excellence is well-known for almost 20 years among international patients who are seeking high quality of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Preoperative period

All your medically related questions and concerns sent via e-mails will be answered directly from Dr. Chettawut because he believes it is very important and necessary for prospective patients to receive honest recommendations & comments from the qualified and experienced surgeon.

Dr.Chettawut-has-expressed-his-SRS-concept-and-how-to-perform-Sex-reassignment-surgery-on-his-patients Dr. Chettawut will do his best to respond your medically related questions as soon as he can with his best and honest answers and recommendations.

Pre-operative face to face consultation with Dr. Chettawut at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center will normally be arranged on the next day after your arrival in Bangkok.

The time for consultation is unlimited as he is willing to explain in details for your surgical procedures and also open to answers all your questions.

Intraoperative period

His successful surgery result established his reputation as a surgeon who safely dedicates all the time necessary in operating theater to achieve the best quality of work utilizing the most update surgical techniques and equipment.

Dr. Chettawut’s medical team including his anesthesiologist and surgical nurses are qualified and highly skilled staff for specialized in plastic surgery.

Our entire medical team works smoothly when communicating and coordinating- they are the "dream team” of surgical work.

These medial teams along with Dr. Chettawut provide their fullest ability, effort and responsibility for the best possible result for all patients.

Our high standard facilities and operating room are well suited for specialized plastic surgery including cranio-facial surgery & sex reassignment surgery and all type of plastic surgery.

Postoperative period

It is our policy to provide only well-trained and specialized surgical nurses who know all the details of your surgery to closely monitor and take care of you during your recovery.

Each assigned staff member will be with you throughout your stay to ensure a smooth and seamless recovery during your stay at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center.

Your safety is top priority and we strongly believe that our assigned staff enhances and facilitates the best possible results and speedy recovery.

Our staff will continue their care during your recovery at one of the affiliated hotels.

Dr. Chettawut’s surgical nurse who visit you daily during your recovery at the hotel has a high reputation for her skills and experiences as she has worked closely with Dr. Chettawut for over 10 years.

Our hallmark is the attention to detail and after surgery care. Our patients always comment favorably that our process is unique as we treat and care for you as family.

Checking up before departure and long term follow up service

On the follow up consultation day, Dr. Chettawut will carefully check up and evaluate your healing before departure from Thailand.

Chettawut-Plastic-Surgery-Center-thai-language If there is any need of touch up or refinement as a minor surgery which will be benefit for you, Dr. Chettawut will do it without any extra cost.

We always safeguard patient’s best interests and strive to achieve successful results, patient satisfaction for every patient.

If any patient is dissatisfied with their individual surgical results, Dr. Chettawut will take their concern into his consideration for the possibility of surgical revisions.

The final decision to perform any revision surgery or not is solely the decision of Dr. Chettawut after thorough discussion with the patient to ensure the best possible solution.

If the revision surgery is a minor surgery done by local anesthesia, it will be at no charge.