Booking your flight to Bangkok and choosing the affiliated hotels

Booking your flight to Bangkok


The patients who already scheduled their surgery with our surgeons need to select their flight itinerary to match our requirements as follows:


1. Your flight needs to arrive Bangkok 3 days before your surgery date.

You can book your flight to arrive Bangkok anytime at Suvarnabhumi International Airport or Don Mueang International Airport as we provide free transportation for our patients 24 hours. The consultation with our surgeon is normally set on the next day and you still have one more day for rest and can arrange all necessity for your surgery.

Note: For the patients who are coming to have Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), our surgeons require you to arrive Bangkok 4 days instead of 3 days prior the surgery date. The bowel cleansing program for 3 days is mandatory before SRS.


2. Your total length of stay in Bangkok needs to be within our surgeon recommended period given below:

  • For body contouring by liposuction, the recommended period of stay is 10-12 days.
  • For breast augmentation and buttock augmentation, the recommended period of stay is 12-18 days.
  • For cosmetic facial surgery or facial feminization surgery, the recommended period of stay is 18-25 days.
  • For sex reassignment surgery, the recommended period of stay is 25-30 days.

Please note that the period of your stay cannot be more than 30 days if you plan to come by visa exemption program. (See detail in Thailand visa information subpage).


We highly recommend you send your full flight details as soon as you get it so that our staff can make the reservations with your selected hotel for your entire stay in Bangkok. The provided flight information including your airline & flight number, your local arrival and departure date/time must be the original copy of your flight details sent directly from your airline which you can forward or attach in your email as jpeg. or pdf. file format.


Places for your recuperation after surgery

Choosing the right accommodation for your recuperation

after being discharged from our international ward is vital.

Starting from this December 1st, 2022, WIH International Hospital offers only 2 places for recuperation with nursing care service which are


WIH Post Surgery Accommodation


Bangkok Rama Hotel

(Click link for more details)


(Nursing care service & hotel booking is no longer available at Dusit Princess hotel

& Bangna Pride hotel)