Female to Male Top Surgery (FTM Surgery) example result by Dr. Chettawut

Before and After FTM breast Surgery by Subcutaneous Mastectomy

22 years old patient from New Zealand



After 4 months


Minimal scar chest surgery for Female to Male breast removal::

Details of the surgical procedure:

1. Dr. Chettawut uses only mini-incision (2.5-3cm) at the border of lower part of areolar (the pigmented area between nipple and chest skin).

2. Total breast tissue was removed by subcutaneous mastectomy technique.

(Subcutaneous mastectomy is a type of skin-sparing mastectomy using a minimal incision to removes partial or total breast tissue, leaving the skin, areola, and nipple intact)

3. The intact skin was finally healed with the chest muscle resulting a smooth & flat chest men contour.

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