Doctor Chettawut Administration team

Administration Team

Our administrative team shares an important role in every patient’s successful surgery and recovery. They manage the scheduling process by corresponding with international and local patients through various communication channels such as e-mail, phone call, and social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Line).

They are available on Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thailand time (You can see Time zone converter in contact page)

On the initial correspondence, the admin team provides the basic steps of scheduling the surgery. Before setting a surgery date, they collect all significant medical information from the patients; gather their concerns or queries in relation to the surgery, preoperative preparation and post-operative recovery which are directly referred to the medical team.

If the patient has an underlying condition, Dr, Chettawut will provide a specific instruction or require preliminary labs test/s and a referral letter from a specialist that will be reviewed and approved by his team. These are communicated through the admin team.

The admin team also oversees the payments for the deposit and remaining balance, prepare all medical documents, and leave forms and surgery confirmation letters if requested by the patient. In addition, they also provide the airport instruction; arrange the transportation and hotel before the patient travels for the surgery.


On the patient’s first consultation appointment with Dr. Chettawut, the admin team prepares all the papers needed (such as consent forms, pre-op and post-op instructions, SRS certificates) and works together with the medical team to revalidate all the health details previously gathered.

After the surgery, the admin team continuously coordinates with the medical team in monitoring the patient’s status, setting their respective follow-up schedules and answering all post-operative questions once they are back home.

The admin team also manages the CPSC official Facebook page where they post current events about the surgery center, update information and patient testimonials.

Most members of our admin team are fluent in English and possess a comprehensive knowledge of the surgical procedures that we offer to better assist the patients with their needs. They are highly customer service oriented and effective multitaskers.

Their excellent interpersonal skills for handling the patients professionally makes the patient’s experience spotless and more convenient.



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