Skin graft technique for Sex Reassignment Surgery

Doctor Chettawut’s non penile inversion SRS with skin graft technique

Sex-Reassignment-Surgery-Dr.Chettawut skin gratf technique for male to female sex change surgery

Unlike the traditional penile inversion technique, Dr. Chettawut carefully manages the valued penile skin for anatomically precise and natural look of the inner labia and vaginal opening by using his non-penile inversion technique which offers a more refined and defined aesthetic results of external genital appearance that is comparable to a cis female.

Since the penile skin is no longer inverted into the vaginal cavity, Dr. Chettawut uses the skin graft harvested from scrotal skin as the main source of skin graft for the lining inside a vagina.

For patients who do not have enough scrotal skin as a result of previous orchiectomy, hormone replacement therapy and many other factors which shrinks the skin, Dr. Chettawut can obtain additional skin graft from the groin to join the scrotal skin in order to complete the needed skin graft.

The harvest of groin skin graft will not create any scar as the groin skin is adjacent to the surgical area in contrast to the obsolete technique that uses the abdominal skin which is located in an entirely different field.

The versatility of the non-penile inversion approach combined with scrotal and possible groin skin graft provides hope for those who have short penile length and those who have scarce scrotal skin and it yields outstanding results for both aesthetic external appearance and excellent vaginal depth.

Skin Graft Preparation

The process of Dr. Chettawut’s skin graft technique is delicate as the donor skin from scrotum and groin will be converted to be the intermediate thickness of skin graft which means the superficial part of dermal layer is preserved to maintain skin durability while the deep part of dermal layer which contains all hair follicles (hair roots) is discarded.

To ensure that the skin graft will be 100% hairless, the prepared sheet of skin will be double checked through light illumination and the possible remaining hair follicles are meticulously extracted before the graft is tubed and inserted inside a newly constructed vagina.


The length of tubed graft will be calculated carefully to match with the depth of the vagina which is normally 6.5-7 inches according to the average depth of vagina resulting from Dr. Chettawut’s non penile inversion technique.

The vaginal packing will stabilize the graft inside the vagina for 6-7 days to allow proper vascularization of skin graft. The vaginal dilation routine under our nurse’s supervision will start one day after the removal of vaginal packing as the graft is already durable and adhered securely to the surrounding tissue inside the vagina.

Dr. Chettawut’s non penile inversion with skin graft is reliable SRS technique to achieve satisfactory outcome for a natural look of female genitalia, excellent sensation & vaginal depth.