Skin graft technique for Sex Reassignment Surgery

Doctor Chettawut’s Non-Penile Inversion SRS with Skin Graft Technique

Dr. Chettawut’s non-penile inversion technique, unlike the traditional penile inversion method, meticulously manages the valued penile skin to create an anatomically precise and natural look for the inner labia and vaginal opening. This approach offers refined and defined aesthetic results that closely resemble a cis female’s external genital appearance.

Illustration of Dr. Chettawut's skin graft technique for male-to-female sex reassignment surgery.

Key Advantages of Non-Penile Inversion Technique

Skin Graft from Scrotal Skin

Instead of inverting the penile skin into the vaginal cavity, Dr. Chettawut uses scrotal skin as the main source for the vaginal lining. This ensures a hairless and durable vaginal lining.

Alternative Skin Graft Sources

For patients lacking sufficient scrotal skin due to previous orchiectomy, hormone replacement therapy, or other factors, Dr. Chettawut can harvest additional skin grafts from the groin. This method avoids creating scars, unlike the outdated technique that uses abdominal skin.

Versatility and Aesthetic Results

The combination of non-penile inversion with scrotal and groin skin grafts provides hope for those with short penile length or limited scrotal skin, yielding excellent aesthetic and functional results.

Skin Graft Preparation

The preparation process of the skin graft is delicate and ensures the removal of all hair follicles to maintain a hairless vaginal lining. Dr. Chettawut converts donor skin from the scrotum and groin into intermediate thickness grafts, preserving the superficial dermal layer while discarding the deep part containing hair roots.

Hairless Guarantee

The prepared skin graft is double-checked under light illumination, and any remaining hair follicles are meticulously extracted before the graft is inserted into the newly constructed vagina.

Ensuring Optimal Vaginal Depth

Diagram of SRS skin graft technique by Dr. Chettawut in Bangkok, Thailand.

Depth Calculation

The length of the tubed graft is carefully calculated to match the desired vaginal depth, typically 6.5-7 inches, which is the average depth achieved by Dr. Chettawut’s non-penile inversion technique.

Vaginal Packing and Stabilization

The vaginal packing stabilizes the graft for 6-7 days, allowing proper vascularization. Post-packing, the vaginal dilation routine begins under nurse supervision to ensure the graft’s durability and secure adhesion to surrounding tissues.

Comprehensive Post-Surgery Care

Genital Hair Removal

Recommendations for pre-surgery hair removal to ensure a smooth process.

Medical Care

Essential post-surgery care guidelines for optimal recovery.

Vaginal Dilation Routine

Importance of regular dilation to maintain vaginal depth and function.

Complications Prevention

Tips on avoiding potential complications after SRS.


Dr. Chettawut’s non-penile inversion with skin graft technique is a reliable SRS method to achieve a natural look for female genitalia, excellent sensation, and optimal vaginal depth. This technique provides outstanding aesthetic and functional results, enhancing the quality of life for individuals undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

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