Post gender reassignment surgery specific care

Dr.Chettawut’s post-operative SRS care kit

We provide all necessary care kit for post-sex reassignment surgery without charge for Dr.Chettawut’s SRS patients.

We are care for your best healing and recovery and our nurse team will visit you daily at the hotel for supervising you how to use particular kit.

Dilatation with an adequate lubricant is essential to maintain the original depth of your vagina after surgery.

Patients are expected to strictly follow Dr. Chettawut's instructions for obtaining the best results.

Dr.Chettawut’s dilator set


There are four sizes of vaginal stent (dilator) available in your vaginal dilator bag.

The full set of dilator ranges from stent no.1 with 23 mm diameter, stent no.2 with 26 mm diameter, stent no.3 with 29 mm diameter and the biggest no.4 with 32 mm diameter.

The length of each dilator is approximately 8.5 inches.

The use of no.1 and no.2 dilator is expected during your recovery in Thailand.

Do dilation diligently for a total of 2 hours every day for the first 2 years.

Disposable cloths used to cleanse the sensitive skin


A Baby wipes pack (82 wipes) is provided for cleansing the labia or perineum skin.

You should wipe the area very gentle and never stretch or spread the labia for the first 3 months since the wound is very new and easily to get tear.

Water soluble vaginal lubrication


You must apply a plenty of vaginal lubrication at the vaginal opening and tip of dilator for every time of dilation.

Lack or inadequate lubrication will cause the damage of skin graft inside vagina or wound healing problem around vaginal opening.

Donut Cushion

A soft donut pillow will help to displace the pressure of sitting away from the site of SRS surgery.

Even though it can be washed, we recommend you use the blue pad put on top while sitting without clothes in your room.


Douche kit (Bulb syringe & Betadine solution)


The first douche will be introduced by Dr.Chettawut at the time of follow up (around 18-20 days after sex change operation).

You are allowed to start douche by yourself when you’re back home. It is recommended to use only 1-2 times a week by using the 50cc of tap water (approximately half of glass) with 5 drops of Betadine solution.

A pack of Blue pad (Under-buttock bed sheet)


During the first 3 weeks after sex change surgery, the postoperative SRS patients should not wear underwear or pant while lying on the bed to avoid dampness.

It is recommended to use the provided pad preventing some blood or discharge stained on the bed sheet.

All above post sex change surgery care kit and home medication will be provided on the discharged day at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center