Sex reassignment surgery example result by Dr.Chettawut - Case 4

Detail for Sex reassignment surgery case 4:

This picture show the example result of Dr. Chettawut non-penile inversion SRS after 3 year from surgery.

The body of clitoris was designed in cylindrical shape, 1 to 1.5 cm in length and its glans forms the pointed tip of the clitoris extending outward to join the prepuce skin being used for clitoral hood and labia minora construction.

The pink color tissue made from urethral mucosa was used to simulate the lower vestibule and the urethral opening is located at the area above the vertically oriented vaginal opening (introitus).

She is able to maintain 6.5 inches of vaginal depth with successful orgasm & sexual intercourse by penile penetration.

Educational VDO - Interview and Follow up of sex reassignment surgery