FFS Gallery B - Before and After Surgery Case 1

35 years old patient from Netherland



List of Facial feminization surgical procedures:

1. Forehead and Brow ridge bone Contouring surgery

+ Eyebrow lift surgery

2. Feminizing Rhinoplasty

3. Jaw and Chin contouring surgery

4. Trachea shave surgery (Adam's apple reduction)

After 2 years


Details of forehead & brow ridge bone contouring surgery and eyebrow lift surgery:

The forehead surgery was done via standard coronal incision at the hairline.

Dr.Chettawut's C3 method was done to achieve the best feminine outcome of forehead contour, involving forehead reconstruction by using standard cranio-facial titanium materials for rigid fixation as well as synthetic bone substance.

The eyebrow lift was performed after completing bone work for a more feminine eyebrow position.

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More Example Pictures Result of Facial Feminization Surgery by Dr.Chettawut

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Case 1

Case 1

Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Rhinoplasty + Trachea shave + Jaw & Chin contouring surgery
Case 2

Case 2

Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Trachea shave + Chin contouring surgery
Case 3

Case 3

Cheek implant + Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Scalp advancement + Eyelid + Rhinoplasty + Lip lfigint + Jaw & Chin contouring + Trachea shave
case 4

case 4

Forehead contouring surgery + Eyebrow lift +Scalp advancement surgery + Lip augmentation + Feminizing Rhinoplasty + Alarplasty + Jaw & Chin contouring +Face and neck lift surgery + Trachea shave surgery