Face & Neck lift surgery + Bat ear correction + Facial feminization surgery

57 years old patient from Australia

Before Face-Neck lift and Facial feminization surgery


Description of face & neck rejuvenation done together with facial feminization surgery

Facial cosmetic and rejuvenation surgery

1. Face and neck lift was done by 2 layer rhytidectomy technique which is included the combination of skin rejuvenation (removal of excess skin and then tightening) and also facial fascia lifting (MACS lift and SMAS lift) for the long lasting result.

2. Upper and Lower eyelid surgery was done for sagging eyelid skin and excess eyelid fat removal.

3. Otoplasty (Ear pinback surgery)

After 15 month result pictures


List of Facial feminization surgical procedures:

1. Forehead and Brow ridge bone Contouring surgery

2. Eyebrow lift surgery

3. Feminizing Rhinoplasty

4. Lip lifting surgery

5. Jaw and Chin contouring surgery

6. Trachea shave surgery (Adam's apple reduction)

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More Example Pictures Result of Facial Cosmetic Surgery by Dr.Chettawut

Cases 1

Cases 1

Upper eyelid - Double eyelid surgery
Case 2

Case 2

Full face & neck lift + Upper eyelid surgery + Neck liposuction
Case 3

Case 3

Reduction rhinoplasty + Alarplasty + Forehead browridge contouring + brow lift +Jaw & Chin contouring
Case 4

Case 4

Full face & neck lift surgery + Bat ear correction together with full facial feminization surgery