Breast Augmentation Surgery with cohesive gel implant

Breast implant surgery information

Breast implants are continually evolving with time to cater the differing needs of each individual who wants to achieve a pleasant, flattering and naturally looking breasts.

This evolution does not only concentrate in the provision of safe and durable type of implants but also to offer choices that matches the desires and needs of its recipients.

A successful breast augmentation surgery relies on many factors such as the proper selection of the type of breast implant type, size that is suitable to the individual’s existing breast tissue and chest frame.

All breast implants utilize a silicone shell but the fillings differ, either gel-filled or saline-filled.

The outer silicone shell, which give the prosthesis its elasticity and integrity, may be smooth (shiny polished) or textured (finely rough) surface.

There is no doubt that the breasts, augmented with textured implant, providing a disruptive surface for collagen interface, have a lower tendency to develop contracting capsules than the breasts augmented with the smooth implants.

Breast implants may not last a lifetime and the rates of rupture in saline filled implant is higher than the gel filled one.

The gel filled implants I always recommend to my patients contain high cohesive gel, which is more crosslinked than a standard silicone gel and provides a higer resistance to flow.

If the implant shell is ruptured, the inside gel will rarely escape (not leak).

The shape of the implants I prefer to use is round shape, low to moderate profile (projection), providing natural upper fullness as well as nice clevages of your new breasts.