Sex reassignment surgery example result by Dr.Chettawut - Case 2

Procedure Description of Sex reassignment surgery case 2:

The SRS technique on this patient is Dr. Chettawut's non penile inversion which you can view the details on SRS information page, Click Here

The follow up pictures were taken at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center 3 years after SRS - Sex reassignment surgery; patient returned to Bangkok and was undergoing additional procedures.

She maintains her 7 inch vaginal depth as recorded after surgery.

The labia minora construction was done by using the whole penile and prepuce skin to form the lip-like fold starting from the clitoral frenulum down to the side of vaginal opening.

The size of the neo-clitoris was constructed and designed with the same size and shape as in an anatomically correct biological woman.

The vaginal opening appears natural, in a proportionate, vertical elongated oval shape as it normally appears in a natural biological woman.

Educational VDO - Interview and Follow up of sex reassignment surgery