Steps for scheduling your surgery

STEP 1: E-mail correspondence

E-mail-correspondence to Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center

E-mail correspondence is the best way to exchange all information and also to record any request or inquires. All detailed information will be provided when we know about your concerns in each surgical procedure.

Non-medical related questions will be responded by Dr. Chettawut’s business team leading by Som K. (Kitiyamongkol), while your medical related inquiries will be answered directly from Dr. Chettawut.

Patients will be requested to completely fill out the “Patient Information Form” to clarify your health condition(s).

It is important that you never conceal any underlying health condition(s) which might impact the surgical procedure(s) or cause post-operative complications.

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide, to the best of their knowledge, true and correct information in the “Patient Information Form”.

Patients who are scheduling sex reassignment surgery (SRS), kindly send the copy of your SRS recommendation letters as attached jpeg or pdf file for approval by Dr. Chettawut- see details in required documents for scheduling sex reassignment surgery page.

In case of urgency, you can reach Som’s cell phone at +6683-133-5836 which is available only during working hour (Monday to Friday 10.00-16.00 Bangkok local time).

If you would like to receive professional evaluation and comment for your facial cosmetic or facial feminization surgery (FFS), Dr. Chettawut requires your close up face pictures (hair tied back, no make-up, and no eye glasses) in 4 views (front, semi 45 degree, side and base view).

Please send your picture files in jpeg format with reasonable resolution, recommended file size (350-700 KB per file) attached via email to Dr. Chettawut.

If you would like to receive professional evaluation and comment for breast or body contouring surgery, Dr. Chettawut requires your breast or body pictures with symmetrical balance between left and right side in 3 views (front, semi 45 degree and side view) sent by attached jpeg files with reasonable resolution, recommended file size (350-700 KB per file).

Example pictures in variation of angle for FFS evaluation

Face - Front view

Face - Semi 45 degree view

Face - Side view

Face - Base view

STEP 2: Booking the surgery date

Dr. Chettawut’s waiting list is long as he normally performs only one major operation case per day and he will be the only surgeon who operates on you from the start to the end.

When you are ready for booking your surgery, we recommend you to inform your preferred month of surgery and the surgery date will be selected by Dr. Chettawut.

Once the surgery date is mutually agreed, the 20% deposit sent by international wire transfer will be required within 7 days.

If we do not receive a response or deposit within 7 days, your surgery date might need to be rescheduled if the agreed date has been reserved by others.

STEP 3: Complete the required laboratory tests

You are required to have the lab tests done on the 4th – 6th week prior to your surgery date.

Please note that our medical team do not accept the old laboratory reports done beyond 6 weeks prior surgery.

Please send the lab reports & x-ray image & referral letter/medical clearance (if needed) to our office in JPEG or PDF format as soon as you have the reports in hand. Ideally the medical team needs to review all required laboratory reports at least 3 weeks before your surgery date.

Your safety is our utmost priority so it highly advised that you follow the timetable given above so that the medical team is aware of your most recent health condition.

The requirements of laboratory tests are based on the patients’ age as follows:

Lab tests for patients

age under 42 years old

1. CBC (red blood cell & white blood cell and platelet count)

2. Anti HIV

3. Cr (Creatinine)

4. PT and PTT (We require both results of PT and PTT)

5. FBS (fasting blood sugar)

6. Chest x-ray (Digital x-ray file)

Lab tests for patients

age 42-60 years old

1. CBC (red blood cell & white blood cell and platelet count)

2. Anti HIV

3. Cr (Creatinine)

4. PT and PTT (We require both results of PT and PTT)

5. FBS (fasting blood sugar)

6. Chest x-ray (Digital x-ray file)

7. Electrocardiogram (EKG graph and interpretation)

Lab tests for patients

age over 60 years old

1. CBC (red blood cell & white blood cell and platelet count)

2. Anti HIV

3. Cr (Creatinine)

4. PT and PTT (We require both results of PT and PTT)

5. FBS (fasting blood sugar) and HbA1C

6. Lipid profile

7. Liver function test

8. Chest x-ray (Digital x-ray file for both front and side views)

9. Electrocardiogram with stress test exercise

10. Echo cardiogram (including the interpretation from your cardiologist)


Cr (The creatinine blood test) is used to assess kidney function

PT and PTT are screening test for bleeding tendency.

Lipid profile test is a panel of blood tests that serves as an initial broad medical screening tool for abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

A lipid profile usually includes the levels of total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and the calculated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) 'cholesterol.

Liver function test is a panel of blood tests that detect inflammation and damage to the liver.

Liver function testing includes two of liver enzymes called alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST), alkaline phosphatase, albumin, and bilirubin.

EKG Graph means complete standard 12 lead EKG
Standard 12 lead EKG Example

Standard 12 lead EKG requirement from Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center

X-ray requirements for facial feminization surgery

For those who schedule for Forehead / Brow bone contouring or jaw contouring or chin contouring surgery,

Skull x-ray series which are: front view (AP view) and side view (True lateral view) need to be added to the normal lab requirement for your age.

Please note that the top of skull and lower border of chin are necessary to be included in the X-ray film.


Example of Chest X-ray (Front view)


Example of Skull X-ray (Front view)


Example of Skull X-ray (Side view)

Step 4: Finalize your surgical fee

The recommended method is the international wire transfer which should be done not later than 4 weeks before travelling, this is the safest way to finalize your remaining fee and provides our office sufficient time to track your wire and confirm you with our local bank receipt before you travel to Thailand.

There are 2 alternative methods of payment to settle your remaining balance which are cash and traveler checks. For cash, we accept bank notes in only 4 currencies which are USD, AUD, EURO and THB).

All bank notes must be in perfect condition meaning no folded, stamped, stain, writing marked or teared. For traveler check, we accept only American Express check in denominations of 500.

We will use the latest currency exchange rate (on the consultation day) from Kasikornthai bank to convert Thai Baht to your own currency.

For USA patients or patients who would like to settle the payment in USD bank note, please be aware that

1. We do not accept the U.S. dollar bills which are older than the 2000 series.

2. We accept only $20 USD bill or larger bill.